Hippotherapy techniques (4) – Correcting therapy positions (A)

The therapist must be able to assess the quality of the position of the client in the chosen therapy position. If such quality is lacking, the therapist must know how to correct this. He/she uses the following techniques to correct position:

  • verbal correction;
  • the use of positioning aids;
  • manual correction.

If the client is able to respond to verbal instructions, the therapist first uses verbal instructions to adjust position and only then, if required, positioning aids and/or manual correction. Manual correction and positioning aids are mostly used for clients with insufficiently developed cognitive functions. The therapist may also combine these techniques.

The therapist corrects the position during therapy session for as long as it takes, if the present condition of the client requires, the aim being to help the client actively and better hold the chosen position.

The use of positioning aids

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