Training specialists for the preparation of therapy horses for Equine Facilitated Therapies and

A group of 29 experts from six European countries are connected to work on a common goal, to create an assessment tool for the therapy equines.

Coordinated by the CEFTA (The Czech Equine Facilitated Therapy Association) and from Věra Lantelme-Faisan and Vladimíra Casková as Physiotherapists specialized in Equine Facilitated Therapy created a European project to train specialists for horse preparation in equine facilitated therapy. They connected with Turkey, Lithuania, Portugal, Finland and Spain. The partners in the project are. Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University (Turkey), Horse Riding Association of People with Disabilities (Lithuania), The Kids Fellows Research Group (Portugal), The Finnish Association of Equine Facilitated Therapies (Finland) and Proyecto Caballo Association. 

Until 2023 these groups of professionals from the Equine Facilitated Therapies and Learning fields will collaborate, unite and share experiences in order to develop an assessment tool to observe and learn horse preparation in Equine Facilitated Activities and Therapies. Moreover, this project also intends to increase the understanding of the different curricula across Europe and linking a common framework across Europe.

Zoom meetings

Our kick-off meeting was held online in October 2020. The purpose of the meeting was to know each member of the project and to go over the task distribution and meeting topics that were written in the project application. All members submitted their detailed CV to introduce themselves to others.

The second ZOOM meeting took place in February 2021, where we planned our May meeting in Spain.

Vilademuls, Spain - 26 to 28 May, 2021

Our first face to face meeting was held in Spain in May 2021, from 26 to 28 in Vilademuls, a small countryside village with 40 equine partners near Girona (North East region of  Spain). The pillars of the meeting were: Animal sentience, Equine Quality of Life, Equine body language and Equine indicators of  and wellbeing proposed by Proyecto Caballo (Five freedoms plus the presence of positive welfare indicators: health, comfort and happiness). Unfortunately, the Turkish team could not arrive due to epidemiologic travel restrictions. The Finnish team was represented by one member on site for the same reason. All of them could join the meeting online, it was complicated, but we did our best. (All other team members took part in the meeting online as well as possible).

Královický dvůr, Czech Republic - 6 to 8 September, 2021

Our Second meeting occurred at Jezdecké Centrum Královický Dvůr, a Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic (6-9 September). This time all teams were present, and we could enjoy company and exchange of experience and knowledge face to face. We discovered and explored the different national breeds involved in Equine Facilitated Interventions (EFI) in each country. The Czech team demonstrated their view on Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy,- Learning and Paravoulting. The goal was to highlight the demands, way of handling and care of therapy equines. 

Intellectual outputs working groups
Equine Facilitated Psychiatry and Psychology - Portugal, Spain & Czech Republic
Equine Facilitated Learning and Social Care - Czech Republic, Spain and Turkey
Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy - Czech Republic,  Lithuania and Finland
Adaptive riding - Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, and Finland

The following meetings are scheduled for June 2022 Turkey, September 2022 Lithuania, October 2022 Portugal, May 2023 Finland and the June 2023 Czech Republic by the host partners.