Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy (HIPPOTHERAPY)

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In the Czech Republic, hippotherapy has been applied by healthcare professionals for more than 30 years. The education system has been well developed with the focus on a complex understanding of horse movement and behaviour, human development and movement, hippotherapy principles and treatment strategies. This methodology was created in 2015 to certify the hippotherapy course within the Czech Ministry of Health. However, the process is still ongoing, but the methodology facilitated creating hippotherapy courses in English. It is intended for therapist practising hippotherapy or hippotherapy students. There are 50+ photos of the hippotherapy positions in a horse, equipment, therapeutic aids and forms.

The Therapy Horse Certification Program

A methodology for specialized horse testing program in Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.


To certify or not to certify therapy horses?

This question was on a stake in our country from 2009. In 2011, the Czech Equine Facilitated Therapy Association (CEFTA) established the Therapy horse certification program for equines working in Equine Facilitated Therapies. The beginning was hard, so many therapy horse owners were upset even angry – they did not want their horses to be tested. By why not certify the therapy horses? The dogs working in canistherapy have to pass extend exams as well.

The Association went with the idea ahead. In November 2011, the first horses successfully passed the test in the hippotherapy centre Epona, z.s. Since then, the Examination Committee is very busy, travels around the Czech Republic to organize the tests in various centres. Therapy horse owners have appreciated the exam as a learning process guiding them with the horse training.

Nowadays, the Therapy Horse Certification Program is highly valued for both therapy centres, clients and authorities as a quality mark. 194 horses in total were tested from 2011 to 2017.

The objective of this methodology is to set out the conditions and procedures for Special Examination process.