Program of the European conference on EFT

Changes and addition to the Saturday program: times of followed lectures are changed: Demonstration of work with a draught horse in the hauling of heavy loads as a form of EFT and Partnership with a horse in Equine Facilitated Interventions. In the meantime, 11:55 to 12:05 will be a dressage demonstration on Kladruby horse.

In addition to the program on Friday - a new lecture from 18.30 FAPPZ auditorium is - Erasmus + Project - 24 experts from six European countries attached to work on a common goal - create a tool for Therapy. How does it work?

You can still pose questions to speakers, we will forward it to them.
AULA 10 Sep: Questions for presentation in Aula 10.9.
FAPPZ 10 Sep: Questions for presentation in FAPPZ 10.9.
Workshop 11 Sep: Questions workshops 11.9.