Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy for toddlers and infants

Our course focuses on gaining theoretical and practical skills for performing Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy (hippotherapy) in children from age of 3 months to 3 years of age. 

See our video from European conference (consecutive translation to English), where we explain our approach and treatment principles.

Language: English

Certificates of completion: Written and practical evaluation will complete the course.  Therapists will be credited by The Czech Equine Facilitated Therapy Association (CEFTA).

Course duration: 5 days (1 day / 8 hours).

The number of participants is limited to 12 in order to take the best advantage of the course. Minimum of participants is 6.

Venue: Caballinus, Prague, Czech Republic

Date: 21 to 25 September 2022

Price: 880EUR - price includes local transport (hotel to the EFT centre) lunches and snacks.

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What you will learn...

The course focuses on gaining theoretical and practical skills for performing Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy (hippotherapy) in children from age of 3 months to 3 years of age. 

The participants will learn how to:

  • evaluate psycho-motor development and pathophysiology,
  • evaluate children for hippotherapy,
  • plan and perform a professional and safe hippotherapy treatment session which requires:
    • matching the horse and the child,
    • positioning the child on the horse as well as applying all necessary adjustments including using various aids,
    • defining the duration of the hippotherapy treatment session and its intensity,
    • selecting the appropriate terrain.

Certificates will be issued by the The Czech Equine Facilitated Therapy Association.

Who can apply?

Entry conditions:

  • To be a registered physical or occupational therapist, a speech-language pathologist.
  • To have completed a hippotherapy course.
  • To have a minimum of 200 hours of practice – experience in hippotherapy.


  • To have experience in pediatric rehabilitation.
  • To have completed course Baby Bobath concept, Vojta method or NDT.

Company ID is the tax identification number. If you do not have one, write 12345.


Thank you for this list and for delivering the course this week. It was really interesting and well structured to maximise learning. I have lots of things to consider in my practice moving forward!
MelissaPhysical Therapist, UK
A fantastic course with lots of interesting theory and useful practise. The tutors were clearly very experienced and able to teach in an understandable and simple way, patiently answering all our questions. And the children....it was lovely to see them improve so much over the 4 days! The 5 month old girl impressed me the most. The effect hippotherapy has on such small babies! I highly recommend this course. It is already changing my practice.
IrmaPhysical Therapist, UK
It was great experience for me! I learnt a lot! I am absolutely impressed by your work! I have never seen so much structure, methodology, understanding and clear goals in a Hippotherapy treatment. Admiration for being so professional! The course definitely changed my work and understanding of the hippotherapy processes and I came home with those changes and a lot of motivation to keep going trough the miracles that the horses are for the children with special needs. Thank you once again Vera, Tereza and Anna, you are really great practitioners and educators!
VeselinaPsychologist, Bulgaria
First of all I want to thank you for this most interesting course. It has been a real eye opener concerning hippotherapy in toddlers. I really liked the approach you use towards children as well as horses. From what I've seen so far, it is the method that fits most into my own way of thinking. Therefore I am really excited to learn more about your approach.
LauraPhysical Therapist, Belgium
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it has given me food for thought. It will definitely add and change what I do. It was so nice to meet the both of you. You make a great team.
JessiePhysical Therapist, Australia
It was a really good 4 days and I learnt a lot. I have already been putting some of the techniques in practice with good results.
NonaPhysical Therapist, UK