Vera Lantelme-Faisan, MSc.

Vera has been providing hippotherapy treatment since 1999 in EAAT centre Svitani as the head physiotherapist. The centre is focusing on hippotherapy services for children from 3 months of age with a wide range of diagnoses. Vera has a 16-years experience in paediatric rehabilitation.

In the period 2004-2009, she assisted to found a hippotherapy centre and conducted certified hippotherapy courses in the rehabilitation hospital in Saudi Arabia.

In Svitani, she leads practical trainings and organizes various seminars, workshops and conferences. 

She is also a lecturer of the Hippotherapy course in the Czech Therapeutic Riding Association (CHS) and currently the chairwoman of this organization.

Vera is running her private physiotherapy office. She is regularly attending specialized courses and applies besides Hippotherapy also Vojta method, Craniosacral therapy and Synergic reflex therapy. She is also an active horse rider.

Vera is a licenced physiotherapist in the Czech Republic and Great Britain and she is a listed therapist under American Hippotherapy Association.

Tereza Honcu, MSc.

Tereza studied physiotherapy at the Second Faculty of Medicine Charles University in Prague. In her thesis, she demonstrated the effect of intensive hippotherapy for children with central nervous system disorders. She has 10 years experience in hippotherapy in early intervention for children with various health problems. Since 2008, she has been working as head physiotherapist in EAAT centre Caballinus.

Tereza completed several courses - Hippotherapy, Vojta method, Active segmental centration, Visceral 

therapy and Trigger points therapy. She has extensive experience in paediatrics.

Tereza is often providing lectures to professionals. She leads practical trainings for college students of the Second Faculty of Medicine Charles University, future specialists is zoo-therapy at the Czech University of Life Sciences and at the Faculty of Health Studies at The University of J. E. Purkyně. She is also a lecturer of the hippotherapy course in the Czech Therapeutic Riding Association (CHS).  

Tereza is an excellent horse rider.