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Vera and Tereza, January 2016

The effects of hippotherapy

Hippotherapy effects are divided into direct and indirect. However, everything is happening in interdependence – see the diagram below. Diagram: Hippotherapy effect on posture (Herman, Horňáček, 2005) Let´s address the direct effects in the first instance, especially those we use the most in hippotherapy with children in early care: Activating of the erector mechanisms is...

Hippotherapy for babies and safety

Primum non nocere! All professionals know this spell perfectly well. Do benefits arising from the chosen procedure outweigh the possible risks? This uncertainty has been included in every responsible decision-making. Weighting benefit over possible harm is getting quite different dimension during hippotherapy. Upon careful evaluation and treatment done by an experienced physical or occupational therapist, we can almost...

Definition of hippotherapy in early intervention

The main factor for engaging babies into therapy is their abnormal and delayed psychomotor development. Early indication and application of hippotherapy intervention positively addresses immature and rapidly evolving central nervous system (CNS), having a tremendous ability of plasticity in this age. Hippotherapy treatment sessions follow the high demands on safety and hygiene for the treatment of...